2020 Award Partner Levels

                  Nomination Packs + Studio Partner + Brand Partner

                  The majority of our community don't just nominate one project, they take advantage of the Award Programs and community activation as a way to showcase project pride, celebrate with clients and the team behind the project, as well as meeting with industry peers.

                  To assist with the nomination process we have packaged-up a few offerings that provide a mix of discounts, access to events and powerful exposure. Each has its own value and they are useful stepping stones to help build your profile with design executives and design talent, and a great way to prime commercial opportunities.

                  Nomination Packs

                  Suited for those wanting to submit a range of nominations, either in one program or across multiple programs in the same currency - the key benefit here is a bulk discount between 10-14%.

                  Studio Partner Levels

                  Optimised to help studios pick up a 15% discount on nominations, plus a range of profile building tools - logo inclusions in communications, at events and in the awards annual. We’re proud to have our partners and want to shout your involvement from the rooftop. We’re so keen to do that for 2020 we are throwing in a podcast episode to be shared across the DxD Content Network.

                  Brand Partner Level

                  This works two ways - either you’re focused to get your studio brand engaged with the DxD community or you’ve got a product or service brand that is bursting to engage. The Brand partner levels included a mix of community activation, introduction opportunities and brand exposure, plus nomination vouchers - often we’ve seen brands distribute them to their network or allocate them to a pool to fuel our curated nominations. 

                  What makes the Brand Partner Levels stand out are the Awards activations - we all need to meet and influence new people, who do you need to know? The Brand Partner Levels include Award Annual Full Page and Double Page Spread Ads to make sure you’ve got the maximum reach and long term exposure to the audience. 

                  Want to dig deeper.
                  The Award programs operate across 4 currencies - choose the program or currency and see what options will be best for your organisation.

                  USD - NOW | NYC | HKG | SHA
                  AUD - MEL | SYD | BNE | GOV
                  GBP - LON
                  EUR - BER | PAR