#BeyondCOVID - Flatten the Curve - Keep Momentum - Plan B

                  19 March 2020 | Mark Bergin

                  At the start of 2020 we all had our Plan A in place - a complex, highly integrated plan that was about maximising returns, growing, grasping new opportunities, and thriving.

                  Enter COVID-19. In the last few months, we've had to abandon ship on Plan A and shift to Plan B - not an elegant plan but a survival plan, a quickly gathered set of solutions to a rapidly changing pandemic.

                  For most of us, it's not the virus that is affecting us but the need to flatten the curve. With a medical system that can't cope with a sudden, large-scale influx, we are all doing what we can to flatten the infection rate, lower the demand on the health network and make sure that critically short ICU beds are available for those that need them when they need them.

                  However, we also need to remember that there is life Beyond COVID-19. With current estimates looking at mid-August/September, we need to be ready to return to Plan A when the time arrives.  

                  For us at DRIVENxDESIGN, we were used to working as a remote team before the pandemic. Our jury work remotely, and so we have decided to maintain our current schedule and deadlines, and keep doing what we do, albeit with social distancing in mind.

                  We like to think that when we are all back to Plan A that we will all be focused on celebrating the work completed in the preceding months. It is going to be critical to discuss the good news and remind clients that you’re here, doing great work.

                  I look forward to seeing your amazing projects rolling into the DRIVENxDEISGN Award Programs in the coming months. Please join us as we recognise courage, excellence and diversity.

                  Mark Begin
                  CEO & Founder

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