Key Dates

                  12 February - Launch Event
                  11 June - Standard Deadline
                  20 August - Final Deadline
                  27 August - Judging
                  3 September - Winners Announced
                  20 October - Awards Presentation

                  Twelve Days of Christmas [DRAFT]


                  Project Overview

                  On the first day of Christmas, Aussie Broadband gave to me...

                  Project Commissioner

                  Aussie Broadband

                  Project Creator



                  Nancy Bugeja, Strategy, Project Management
                  Vanessa Cancino, Strategy, Design
                  Miguel Valenzuela, Creative Direction
                  Elena Passeggi, Design
                  Alice Blackwood, Copywriting
                  Matt Langton, Animation
                  Nicole de Longville, Social Media

                  Project Brief

                  Aussie Broadband engaged HM. to conceive a social campaign offering an experience for a signed up audience to be entertained and given the opportunity to win prizes.

                  Project Innovation/Need

                  Honing in on Aussie Broadband’s value of being good to people, HM. created a strategy which would be centred around the Twelve Days of Christmas presented in line with the song: On the first day of Christmas, Aussie Broadband gave to me...

                  Over the 12 days, a prize would be revealed, not before highlighting one of Aussie Broadband's unique selling points.

                  Design Challenge

                  Engaging with the existing social media community with a campaign set to launch on Christmas Day meant that timing of the launch was crucial. To ensure maximum attention, HM. created a three phase strategy which launched on 6 December with a social media post, an eDM to the existing database and a landing page for new sign ups. Phase 2 ran over the 12 days of Christmas from 25 December, revealing a prize each day with engaging animated posts. And phase 3 used social media and an eDM announcing winners. The strategy achieved engagement and ensured a buzz was maintained throughout the 12 days.


                  The social media campaign attracted an overwhelming response with record number of positive comments to their instagram account with no additional marketing, promotion or sponsored posts, reinforcing the strength of an authentic and human focused brand. We couldn’t be more proud to represent an organisation who provides genuine support and kinship to their fellow Australian.

                  Over the 12 days of Christmas, the client gained 1,809 new instagram followers, 14,661 engagements and a reach totalling 67,596.

                  This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.
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