Key Dates

                  12 February - Launch Event
                  11 June - Standard Deadline
                  20 August - Final Deadline
                  27 August - Judging
                  3 September - Winners Announced
                  20 October - Awards Presentation

                  Image Credit : Jackal Liu Phototography

                  Project Overview

                  This project features a blended residential home office space with elegant floor-to-ceiling windows & shades and outdoor green space balconies. The public meeting/living space has sleek lines and minimal design elements drawing the eye across, but not distracting from conducting business, while also welcoming clients and guests to relax. Low-backed furnishings open the space while also giving plenty of play/exploration spaces for the resident cat. Modern grays and whites mixed with bold black project a sense of modernity, longevity, and stability.


                  Studio 63


                  Cheng-En Wu, Shih-Yung Hung

                  Project Brief

                  This home office and residence in a high-rise apartment building features floor to ceiling glass windows throughout the apartment as well as cat-friendly furniture, shelving, and other spaces. This space provides both a clean working living area that invites clients in a professional atmosphere as well as family visitors in a more intimate, comfortable setting. Low-backed and unobstructive furnishings combined with the floor-to-ceiling windows provide a greater sense of space.

                  The main inspiration is a living/workspace for a couple who are both designers. Preserving private spaces while opening up a public work/meeting space was elemental in the open layout of the residence. Merging the indoor with the outdoor space, translucent blinds cover large windows opening on balconies with greenery. Integrating accessible open shelving and other cat-friendly features were a requirement to provide ample exploration for the client’s cat.

                  Project Need

                  Minimalist design elements allow for a clean and efficient allocating of space. A low-backed sofa welcomes guests, while not disrupting the line of sight, and patterned echoing the lattice bookshelf unit unifying the public space. The apartment finishes and furnishings draw on a pallet of dark browns, light grays, and white with stone and imported tile, mixed with brushed metal and baked enamel finishes. Built-in shelving/workspaces are incorporated into the living room and bedrooms.

                  Entering the apartment, you are greeted a clean short hall with abundant natural light from floor to ceiling windows, and in the main public space the dining/conference table establishes this multifunctional space. The eye is drawn across the space to the far floor to ceiling glass wall, while a comfortable living room/waiting area welcomes visitors. In the back of the apartment, the two bedrooms are tucked away, and connected by a short hallway.

                  Design Challenge

                  The main challenge for this space was maintaining all floor-to-ceiling glass walls throughout the residence and making the best use of the remaining wall space for storage, cabinets, and other furnishings. Situating the kitchen along the main public space was another challenge, but a breakfast bar now provides a boundary between the spaces. Though bedrooms space is limited, the clients reduced each room and created a short hallway separating the two providing a sense of separation and privacy.


                  In this space, we do not over-decorate, and use raw wood and iron to create the cabinets needed for practical use. At the same time, we also reduce the number of partitions and handle the space planning with openness, using furniture to guide the users and keep the space flowing. No waste of materials, and at the same time enlarge the visual space.

                  Open to all international projects this award?celebrates innovative and creative?building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.??

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